Rancho Gordo Christmas Lima Beans

Despite wanting to write,  it seems neither of us has.   Sometimes it takes a while for the flavors of a fine dish to develop.  I am hoping that this is the case with our blog.   Mike is adding short comments about our food experiments to his Facebook page.  We’ve been talking about our food and drink experiments to one another and friends.   So  it seems that my part of this effort may be to take his FB posts and our conversations, refine them them, and turn them into blog entries.   Perhaps this is part of the discipline of turning me into a slower and more thoughtful individual.

Last fall we were introduced to Rancho Gordo Heirloom Beans through their blog.  We’ve been interested in the heirloom phenomenon,  primarily because so many of the fruits and vegetables we were getting in the large chain stores have so little flavor. Continue reading

Thoughts About This Blog

When Michael suggested that we start blogging as the New Burgundians, I thought it was a good idea for him, but not for me. He’s the true foodie. For years he’s read about cooking, baking and brewing, not just the cookbooks, but the scientific articles I find for him about the chemistry of sourdough, For years he’s done those things. He’s enjoyed doing them. Continue reading