Hints for Food Bloggers, 1


We’re really not there yet, but we’re learning.  And as we learn more about what we’re doing, we’ll share the tips and tricks that separate the big woks from the small fry (like us).

The first hint is pretty straight forward, but we have a number of cool posts we’d love to share but we didn’t follow this hint.

“Take the pictures before the food is gone.”  I guess we won’t be doing our piece on this year’s National Peach Cobbler Day after all.  Maybe next year!

Some of our would-be posts have pictures of 4 courses out of the 5 we were server.  Or 6.  Or 7.  Like the Lockhart Smokehouse’s “Snout to Tail” pig-out dinner.  Or some of the really rocking special dinners Chef Chad Kelley put together when he was at the Meddlesome Moth.  Maybe not taking pictures should have been something we gave up for Lent!