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When Michael suggested that we start blogging as the New Burgundians, I thought it was a good idea for him, but not for me. He’s the true foodie. For years he’s read about cooking, baking and brewing, not just the cookbooks, but the scientific articles I find for him about the chemistry of sourdough, For years he’s done those things. He’s enjoyed doing them.

Years ago, the first time we dated, I did and enjoyed those things too. One of my fondest memories from the time we dated was the evening we made a recipe (though we disagree on which one) from the Julia Child and Company Cookbook. We went our separate ways and I dated people for whom meatloaf and instant mashed potatoes was the ultimate meal. I have never enjoyed cooking elegant meals for just one. Perhaps something of the Protestant ethic that wouldn’t allow me to indulge in that much luxury. Then career, busyness and a more hurried lifestyle took over. After many years of quick meals, Michael and I met again. This time the magic took. When we were first married, he was writing and working out of the house. I did enjoy the meals he cooked, but was often absorbed with work and didn’t take much part in the preparation.

Then came the adventure of Michael owning and running an artisan bakery. Unless you’ve walked in those shoes you don’t know how many hours it takes, how each failed loaf of bread leads to testing to see what went wrong, research to see what would make it better. My role in all this was merely searching out recipes, of which we still have thousands that haven’t been tried, and selling at the Farmers Markets. Often that had me explaining about the flavors of one of the more than 60 types of bread we sold. Yes 60, 8 breads a week on a rotation. However, it was just a job and not a love of bread like Michael has.

Sometimes it takes someone saying just the right thing and the right time to allow you to see what has been there all along. The other day at work I was talking about a tasting dinner we had attended. I now realize that I often talk about cooking or dinners we have. I was commenting on what were the highlights of the meal and what just hadn’t worked well. The person who I was talking to, a self-admitted steak, potatoes, and a beer type, said that meal would be wasted on them but “You guys know how it’s supposed to taste.” That was when it dawned on me. Yes all this time we have been developing and expanding our tastes and learning what it’s “supposed to taste like” Granted that is a somewhat subjective thing. I don’t think I’ll ever like the texture of beets, perhaps more about that later, but I can appreciate that the beet risotto we had didn’t have enough of the beet flavor and was really rather bland to stand on its own as the third course. I also had some ideas about what would have enhanced the flavor to make it a delightful dish.

Suddenly I realized that the part of me that enjoyed those things was still inside me. Not only still here but definitely awakening again. So for me more than writing about specific foods, this will be about my journey back to slow food, enjoying the fine things in life, and writing to understand that journey. So rather than writing in my private diary to be discovered later, I will be sharing the journey with anyone willing to read it now.

I have no idea if Michael has started writing, but I know that finally I am ready to start.

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