A Visit to Jamaica Gates

Hi, I’m Mike and I’m a Pepper Belly!  (Hi Mike!)  I love spicy foods, or as the old movie title has it, “Some Like It Hot”.

How hot?  As I am typing this, I’m enjoying a breakfast of two slices of Wrights black pepper bacon and a home made bagel (you can find the recipe at our sister site, Sourdoughhome.com) covered with a habanero cream cheese (the recipe is here).  I love Paul Prudhomme’s cookbooks.  I subscribed to Chilli Pepper magazine for a good while.  My chili rarely wins prizes at our contests at work because things like the Hawaiian Pineapple Chili catch the judges eyes and mine is, well, too hot.  I’d rather not win, or get third place like I did this year, than make something like Hawaiian Pineapple Chili.  (If my coworkers stumble on this page, I’m sure it was a fine specimen of Hawaiian Pineapple Chili, and my lack of appreciation reflects far more on me than on the chili.) Continue reading