Fettucine Alfredo, revisited

Fettuccine Alfredo two ways, good and right

Last week, in a still unnamed restaurant, I had some of the most ghastly Fettuccine Alfredo I’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter.  Was it straight off the food service truck?  Was the cook just clueless? Does it matter?  One reason I haven’t named the restaurant is that I just can’t believe they’ll be there much longer.  However, they do seem to be doing a lively business in “to go” pizzas.  Maybe I’ll try one.  Or not.

Anyway, this weekend, I just felt like I needed to make some GOOD Fettuccine Alfredo.    I knew I could make better than those jokers, if only because I have made better, repeatedly.  So, to clear my memories of that ghastly Alfredo, I decided to make two Fettuccine Alfredos.  C’mon along for the ride!

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