A Culinary Pilgrimage

It’s odd how strands of ones life come together.  The other day Scott Heimendinger, the The Bon Ton Cafe's Crab au Gratin, one of the first pics taken with my cell phone cameraSeattle Food Geek, tweeted “Every time someone says ‘American cheese’ and they aren’t referring to the entire set of cheeses made in the US, I die a little inside.”

Wow.  Really?  Where’s that coming from? Scott has one of the most delightfully tweaky and geeky food blogs out there.

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A New Appliance, Part II

Candy Cane Pepermint Ice Cream

Candy Cane Peppermint Ice Cream

I should have written this when it happened.  Instead, I’m writing it a little over a year after it happened.  In a previous article, A New Kitchen Appliance!, I talked about getting our DeLonghi GM6000 ice cream maker, and the delight that we were experiencing with the ice creams we were making.

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Quick and Easy Lucky Cloverleaf Dinner Rolls

It was Thanksgiving day. We’d made a list, we’d checked it twiceCloverleaf rolls, ready for Thanksgiving Dinner.  We had our mis en place. We were rockin’ and getting ready for company. Around the time we were sliding the turkey in the oven Beth said, “We might be rockin’ but we aren’t rolling – you haven’t baked any bread. We don’t even have any rolls!” She was right. And we had some fans of Mike’s Bread coming over for Thanksgiving.

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Rancho Gordo Christmas Lima Beans

Despite wanting to write,  it seems neither of us has.   Sometimes it takes a while for the flavors of a fine dish to develop.  I am hoping that this is the case with our blog.   Mike is adding short comments about our food experiments to his Facebook page.  We’ve been talking about our food and drink experiments to one another and friends.   So  it seems that my part of this effort may be to take his FB posts and our conversations, refine them them, and turn them into blog entries.   Perhaps this is part of the discipline of turning me into a slower and more thoughtful individual.

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A New Kitchen Appliance!

On Sept 23, 2010.  Amazon said they’d shipped it.   I watched theOur new ice cream maker! FedEx tracking notes on-line, almost breathlessly.  Then FedEx told me it would be waiting at home!

Beth called to tell me a VERY big box had arrived.  I got home, moved the VERY big box into the kitchen and unpacked our new DeLonghi GM6000 ice cream, gelato and sorbet maker.  It wasn’t cheap, but we’d developed a two scoop a day habit, and I was becoming less and less thrilled about the ice cream we were eating. Continue reading